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He had one of those natures which called to you and in whose presence you felt it was good to live. Clearance Air Max Outlet . Thus wrote Frank Iredale of Victor Trumper, his colleague on the 1899 Australian tour of England. Many contemporaries echoed Iredales sentiments and in the 101 years since Trumpers death from Brights disease, his reputation has grown to legend. Cricket writers have strived and sometimes strained to express their admiration of his batsmanship yet none of them come close to that picture in capturing the elusive magic.George Beldams 1905 image Jumping out for a straight drive is surely the most famous photograph in the history of cricket. Certainly it is the most reproduced, for it has appeared on the covers of countless books and on letterheads and posters; it has been sculpted, etched, reprinted and woven; it has even been the symbol for an internet chat room.And in 1975 it appeared on page 89 of Great Australian Cricket Pictures, where it first came to the notice of a young Gideon Haigh. Thus began a 40-year fascination with Trumper that has culminated in Stroke of Genius, which in the authors words is an iconography, a study of Trumpers valence in crickets mythology and imagery.It could be argued that Haigh has sold himself a little short there. For his latest book is more than a study in polysemy and its related fields, invaluable though that is. Stroke of Genius includes passages on the early history of photography, the development of cricket in Australia and the changing ways in which Australian writers like Jack Fingleton viewed the game. And it is perhaps appropriate that a cricketer whose method was exclusively his own is the chief subject of a book that defies easy classification.But if the librarians at Lords or the MCG are uncertain as to which section Stroke of Genius properly belongs, there need be no doubt about its quality. This may be the book Haigh was destined to write, and he has not been overawed by the occasion. While one might quibble at the absence of an index, one enjoys everything else.It is not only Haighs familiarity with his material that makes this book a triumph. He has three qualities rarely found in conjunction: he is a very good scholar, a very fine writer, and he also understands that what he describes is often best understood in its wider non-cricketing context.The sections in the book where these skills were most interestingly in evidence, at least to this reviewer, were those on photography. Again this is only fitting given that the centrepiece of the book is that wonderful moment of incipience captured by Beldam 111 years ago. Haigh begins the relevant chapter with a quotate from Emile Zola that could serve as an epigraph to the whole book.I dont think you can really say you have seen something until you have taken a photograph of it, which reveals all the details you would not otherwise have noticed - and which in most case cannot even be seen. Soon afterwards the reader is learning about gelatine emulsions, focal-plane shutters and the other innovations by which Beldam sought to refine photographic technique, and that would lead to the production of Great Batsmen: Their Methods at a Glance, which was published with text by CB Fry in 1905 and which included the famous image of the best batsman in the world at that time. Thus an English photographer, who like Trumper followed his own method, helped preserve the powerful image that was used as Australia sought to free itself from colonial associations and establish its independence.Trumper lifted [cricket] to a level of art beyond the reach of all but himself, wrote Bede Nairn in the Australian Dictionary of Biography. And, in achieving this, he reworked the charter of cricket from a Victorian artefact into an Edwardian palimpsest, with spacious Australian flourishes all but replacing the English script. The nature and variety of further Australian flourishes inspired by Trumper, a few of them rather eccentric, are carefully chronicled by Haigh in this rich and rewarding book. So rewarding, indeed, that one wonders whether another edition might be published, rather following the example of Edmund de Waals wonderful The Hare with the Amber Eyes, in which all the photographs, some of which seem a trifle cramped in the current version, could be reproduced in full clarity.That, though, is another cavil at excellence. For the moment, anyone remotely interested in why players like Steve Waugh were so interested in the style of cap worn by Trumper can do no better than buy Haighs book. It will take them back to that glorious image of an Australian cricketer who took the art of batting and reinvented it after his own fashion.You know that photograph. It just sits in your mind and your memory, said former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd on dedicating the SCGs Trumper Stand in December, 2008. Yes, thats right, it really does. Get the modest acceptance speeches ready, Gideon. This is the cricket book of the year.Stroke of Genius by Gideon Haigh Penguin Australia, 2016 A$39.99 Air Max Outlet Wholesale . Calgary scored on the first shift, and Michael Cammalleri scored twice as the Flames cruised to a 5-2 win over the Washington Capitals on Saturday. Air Max Outlet Sale . The home side created most of the chances but struggled to break down Braunschweigs resilient defence, resulting in the Bundesligas 1,000th scoreless draw. . The phone hearing is scheduled for 4:30pm et/1:30pm pt. Winchester, who was not penalized for the hit, appeared to make contact with Kellys head early in the first period of Thursdays game in Boston. On the second Tuesday of July, the stars will sparkle in the San Diego sky. But enough about astronomy. Its the stars sparkling below, on the glimmering grass of Petco Park, that were here to talk about.If the All-Star Game is a time to celebrate star power, lets just come out and say it. You know where you find the brightest stars and the most star-studded franchises in baseball at the moment?In the National League, ladies and gentlemen. The NL has finally won baseballs star wars.Think about it. All of a sudden, its the NL thats the league of marquee franchises and must-see rivalries. Its the league of fire-breathing aces. Its the league of Buster Posey and Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant and Andrew McCutchen, Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner.Its true -- 100 percent true. And well begin proving it in a moment. But first, ask yourself this: When was the last time you could say that?Not 10 years ago. Not 20 years ago. Not 30 years ago. Were talking the 1970s, friends. The days of Pete Rose, Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan in Cincinnati. Of Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton and Greg Luzinski in Philly. Of Willie Stargell and Dave Parker in Pittsburgh. Of Steve Garvey, Ron Cey and Davey Lopes in L.A.And how long ago was that? Jimmy Carter was president. The Village People had just released Y.M.C.A. And CC Sabathia and Kim Kardashian had yet to make their debuts on planet Earth. So were talking about 97 lifetimes ago.Then, of course, the American League took over. From 1983 to 2013, the AL won 21 of 30 All-Star Games (not counting that infamous tie in Milwaukee) and 18 of 30 World Series. Curses were shattered in Boston and on the South Side of Chicago. And the Yankees spent about $4 billion to buy every star who changed planes at LaGuardia.But however long the ALs reign of stars lasted, can we agree that its over? At least for now?Im an American League guy at heart, said one longtime executive who has worked in both leagues. But the National League has the better teams right now. And I dont think Im going out on a limb to say the better players are in the National League right now.So how do we measure star power? Dont bother looking at wins above replacement or expected fielding-independent pitching (xFIP). The metrics that tell us most about this shift in the balance of star power are fascinating little trends like this:Jersey sales: Of MLBs top 10 most popular jerseys during the first half of this season, eight belonged to NL players. The only exceptions: Mike Trout and David Ortiz. Thats not a fluke.Attendance: Want to look at road attendance? Six of the top seven attractions, as measured by average per game, are NL teams. (The only exception? Those Boston Red Sox.) Want to look at home attendance? Three teams in baseball average 40,000 or more per game. Theyre all NL teams (Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants). Only three average under 20,000. Theyre all AL teams (Cleveland Indians, Tampa Bay Rays, Oakland Athletics).TV attractions: Our friends in sports marketing tell us there is no better measure of star power than which teams are shown on national TV the most. So what does it say that, on ESPNs Sunday Night Baseball -- the one true national game of the week -- the past 10 weeks in a row have featured NL matchups? And in the first half, there were more than twice as many appearances by NL teams (23, by 10 different teams) as by AL teams (11, by five different clubs)? Sounds like a trend!Head-to-head: New York, Chicago, the Bay Area and greater Los Angeles are the only four metropolitan areas in which you can find NL teams and AL teams playing in the same market. In all four of those markets, its the NL team that is now dominating TVs. And yes, that means even in New York. As of mid-June, the Mets were out-rating the Yankees by 33 percent, according to the New York Daily News. Amazin.I could keep beating on this timpani, but you get the idea. The balance of star power in this sport has shifted. Dramatically.Just about all the young stars in major markets are in the National League, said Bill Sutton, one of Americas pre-eminent sports-marketing minds, and the director of the Sports and Entertainment Management MBA program at the University of South Florida. L.A., Chicago, New York. The young stars on those teams are fun to watch, fun to watch interview and fun to watch make commercials. What young stars do the Yankees have? Who do the White Sox have? Who do the Angels have except Mike Trout? They dont have nearly the young stars that the Mets, Cubs and Dodgers have.So what are the forces at work that have led to this fascinating new installment in the Baseball Star Wars saga? Lets take a look.Mound controlHeres a homework assignment for you. Make a quick list of the 10 most dominating, charismatic, must-see starting pitchers in baseball. How many of them currently work in the NL? Seven? Eight? Nine? Sadly, way too many of those guys -- Kershaw, MadBum,?Noah Syndergaard, Stephen Strasburg -- wont be able to pitch in this All-Star Game. Nevertheless, its not even worth debating which league has cornered the aces market.We were talking the other day, said another exec who has worked in both leagues, about the difference between playing in the one-game [wild-card] playoff in the American League this year versus the National League. Take all the teams in the playoff race in the National League. They all have that guy youd never want to face in a one-game playoff: [Jake] Arrieta, Bumgarner, [Max] Scherzer, Kershaw, Jose Fernandez, Carlos Martinez, Syndergaard, Gerrit Cole.Every single team has that kind of guy, who might throw a shutout in that game. Then think about the American League. Outside of [Corey] Kluber when hes on, [Chris] Sale might come the closest. But none of the other teams has a guy like that. Its incredible the difference.And if youre going to corner the market on stars at one position, isnt starting pitcher that position? On the night these aces pitch, theyre the closest thing that baseball has to a Steph Curry, a LeBron James, a Tom Brady or an Aaron Rodgers. They hold the game in their hands. The outcome revolves around them. And when theyre great, theyre the biggest story in their sport for those three hours.Its something to think about as you watch the All-Star Game. Has the difference in ace star power ever been larger?The color of moneyMy dad always told me that the way to answer just about every question is this: Follow the money. And once again, its excelllent advice for charting the shift in this tide. Air Max Outlet Cheap. For most of those years [of AL domination], it seemed like the American League pretty much inflicted its will monetarily, said one of the execs quoted earlier. The Yankees and Red Sox were like behemoths with money. And the American League became the league of the big, big spenders and the highest payrolls.You wont be shocked to learn that the Yankees had the highest payroll in baseball for 16 consecutive seasons, from 1998 through 2013. From 2001 to 2010, the Yankees and Red Sox ranked 1-2 seven times in 10 years. As recently as 2006, only one NL team (the Mets, at $101 million) had a payroll higher than $98 million -- at a time when the Yankees were at $195 million and the Red Sox were at $120 million.But now, as you look at the economics, said Atlanta Braves president of baseball operations John Hart, the game is a lot different. More clubs have more money, more access to big television deals, more dollars from new stadiums. So more clubs have more access to the [free-agent] market. They see the right guy out there at the right time, and boom, they go get him.I think were seeing a combination of factors that werent there in the 90s and the early 2000s, Hart continued. But theres been a change in the financial giants of our game. Im not saying the Yankees are not still one of them. Theyre still formidable. And obviously, the Red Sox are still formidable. But more clubs can do it. The mindset has changed. When a big free agent hits the market, does he expect the Yankees to be the only player or the biggest player? I dont think so.Feel a draft?So what do the Nationals, Cubs and Giants -- the NLs three first-place teams at the break -- have in common? One of the executives quoted above thinks you can sum it up in two words: the draft.The Nationals were really bad for a while, and now theyre good, the exec said. The Cubs were really bad for a while, and now theyre good. The Giants were bad for a few years, and now theyre good. I dont think you see those swoons in the American League. You see more rebuilds in the National League.And as ugly as those rebuilds can get while theyre unfolding, the rewards are obvious. The Nationals got to pick first in back-to-back drafts, in 2009 and 2010, and howd that work out? Well, their timing was excellent -- they now have Strasburg and Harper to show for it (plus Anthony Rendon, who was the sixth pick in 2011).The Cubs never got bad enough to scarf up the No. 1 pick. But how about this four-year run: Javier Baez at No. 9 in 2011, Albert Almora at No. 6 in 2012, Kris Bryant at No. 2 in 2013 and Kyle Schwarber at No. 4 in 2014? Thatll work.The Giants didnt fall as far as those two teams. But do you think its safe to say they did OK with Bumgarner as the 10th pick in 2007 and Posey as the fifth pick in 2008? Uhhh, yep!Then there are the Pirates, who hit on Pedro Alvarez at No. 2 in 2008, Jameson Taillon at No. 2 in 2010 and Cole at No. 1 in 2011. Not to mention Neil Walker and McCutchen, both at No. 11, in 2004 and 2005, respectively.Thats really when this started to change, is four, five, six years ago, when you look at the drafts that some of these teams had, Hart said. The National League has really had its share of clubs that drafted extremely well and hit on the right players. And now, with this new system, its not just that you pick in the top three or four. Youre also going to have the money that goes with those picks.Its safe to say the Braves, Reds, Phillies, Brewers and Padres have noticed, since theyre now in the major rebuild phase themselves. High picks and more dollars: Its a formula that works. And the NL has the glamour teams -- and the stars -- to prove it.Market watchWe live in an age when the star-making machinery no longer consists of bats, baseballs and a ballgame on TV. More than ever, stars arent just made on the field. Theyre also manufactured off the field, with commercials, with appearances, with social media, with marketing. And at the moment, NL teams seem to be winning that game, too.In the front offices of the National League, I would definitely tell you that they have understood the marketability of star players, said Sutton, whose life revolves around studying these trends. And done it. And maximized it. And created personas. ... Its almost NBA-like.He salutes the Giants, who have done it longer and better than anybody. And these days, he especially admires the Mets, who have seized on the opportunity to turn their young starting pitchers into superheroes at every turn.Youve got teams that are really doing smart things, Sutton said. Im watching Syndergaard in New York. And Im watching Coca Cola. And Im watching Muscle Milk. And Im watching all these people saying, Hey, this is the guy. Lets get behind this guy. Have you seen him walking the streets of New York dressed up like Thor? I mean, theyre just really playing this stuff to the max. Its incredible.Now, none of this means the National League is about to go on a run and win eight of the next 10 World Series, or 15 of the next 20 All-Star Games. But remember, we live in an age in which star power has never meant more than it does right now. So get used to seeing these guys -- Syndergaard and Kershaw, Harper and Posey, McCutchen and Giancarlo Stanton -- everywhere you look. Theyre not going away.I think this is the way its going to be, Sutton said. Because of fantasy. Because of video games. Because of coverage, and the emphasis on superstars and stars, people are going to be more star-driven than theyve ever been. Youre still going to love your team. But youre going to make room in your heart for superstars on other teams, who you root for and admire. Because youve seen them and read about them, and we soundbite you to death and video-bite you to death, we make it easier for stars to emerge.So when the spotlights gleam down on the stars who take the field at Petco Park on this magical Tuesday night, take note of which of those magnetic players youre drawn to -- and think about which league they play for. It shouldnt be long before its totally clear which league has taken control of baseballs star wars.Im not saying the American League doesnt have great players, said Hart. Just, the balance has swung. Look at the clubs with the most impactful kind of players. Its swung to the National League. 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PHOENIX -- Near the end of the 2015 season, Torey Lovullo took over as interim manager of the Boston Red Sox while John Farrell battled cancer. Nike Vapormax Wholesale China .It was an experience, he said, that made him a little more prepared to be a full-time major league manager. But Lovullo promised to stay on as Red Sox bench coach for the 2016 season. He said he wanted to make sure John was OK before taking a managers job.The opportunity came when he was named Arizona Diamondbacks manager on Friday.The Diamondbacks introduced Lovullo, their third manager in four seasons, at a Chase Field news conference Monday. He has a familiar boss. Former Red Sox assistant general manager Mike Hazen was hired as Arizona general manager three weeks ago.For me, it really couldnt have worked out any better, Lovullo said. Coming from the organization that I came from, I learned a lot of special things from some really talented people. Certainly my connection with Mike was something I never wanted to lose.The moment Hazen was hired, Lovullo became the odds-on favorite to get the managers job. But Hazen insisted their relationship was not the overriding factor in the hiring.This was a process, Hazen said, a strong process, where we had a lot of strong candidates with different backgrounds, different levels of coaching experience, managerial experience. But ultimately Torey was the one who came out on top.Hazen and Lovullo replace Dave Stewart and Chip Hale, who were fired after the team went 69-93 last season.Im not going to get blinded by the fact the team won 69 games, Lovullo. `Im more excited about the type of players we have, the culture that were going to try to set here in the clubhouse and dugout.The 51-year-old new manager said the team has a nucleus of great players.I am very optimistic that we have the capabilities of doing something very special, he said. As I told one player on the phone, I want to be able to have us all tell a great story at the end of the 2017 season.Lovullo noted that the 2016 Diamondbacks were at or above league average in just about every offensive category.He had much less to say about the pitching. Arizona ranked last in the majors with a team ERA of 5.09.I havent done anything other than look at the numbers, Lovullo said.He called himself an active listener and planned to talk to more players soon.Im not sure what it was like here in the past, Lovullo said, but what theyre going to talk about and what theyre thinking about is going to matter to me.He brings an American League attitude to the NL West.Once I get a feel for our guys and our personnel, we will determine what type of team were going to be, Lovullo said. But I do like an offensive team, Im not going to lie.With the two hirings, the Diamondbacks are something of a Red Sox West.The Boston Red Sox are a special organization for a lot of reasons, Lovullo said. But all those key things we watched on a day-to-day basis there in Boston, yes we want to bring them here to Arizona, but we want to make them a little bit better.Lovullo played for UCLA, where he was a two-time Pac-10 player of the year. His father is television producer Sam Lovullo, whose shows include Hee Haw, which had a 20-year run. The son went a different direction.I think baseball chose me, he said. ... It really meant something special to me when I started to play and just had this incredible love for the game.Lovullo played parts of eight seasons in the majors.He spent nine seasons as a minor league manager before Farrell hired him as first base coach in Toronto. When Farrell went to Boston in an unusual trade, he took Lovullo with him as bench coach. Lovullo held the job for four seasons, including the World Series championship year of 2013. After Farrell was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, Lovullo led the Red Sox to a 28-20 record. With the disease in remission, Farrell returned last season with Lovullo by his side.Boston went 93-69 and won the AL East. That record is the exact opposite of the team Lovullo inherits in the desert. Cheap Nike Vapormax China . Robredo, ranked No. 16, bounced back from an upset loss to Leonardo Mayer in the second round of the Royal Guard Open in Chile last week to down Carreno Busta in 1 hour, 25 minutes. On a day filled mostly with qualifying matches, fifth-seeded Marcel Granollers of Spain also entered the second with a 7-5, 3-6, 6-2 win over Aljaz Bedene of Slovenia, while Guido Pella of Argentina defeated Guillermo Garcia-Lopez of Spain 7-6 (6), 6-4 to advance. Cheap Vapormax Shoes . Booth picked up 65 caps after making her national team debut in 2002 at the age of 17. She most recently played for Sky Blue FC of the National Womens Soccer League. "It just felt like it was my time to move on," she said in a phone interview from her hometown of Burlington, Ont. .C. at the helm of the top team in the Eastern Conference. His tenure as the GM in Vancouver was all too brief. Though he led the Canucks to what was then a franchise record-shattering campaign in just his second season, Nonis was gone and replaced one year later. Jerseys NFL China Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys NFL Jerseys China Discount Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Cheap Nike Dolphins Jerseys Cheap Nike Patriots Jerseys Cheap Nike Jets Jerseys Cheap Nike Bengals Jerseys Cheap Nike Browns Jerseys Cheap Nike Steelers Jerseys Cheap Nike Texans Jerseys Cheap Nike Colts Jerseys Cheap Nike Jaguars Jerseys Cheap Nike Titans Jerseys Cheap Nike Broncos Jerseys ' ' '
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RSA Chase favourite No More Heroes will head straight for the Cheltenham Festival after connections elected to bypass Leopardstown on Saturday. Wholesale Air Max For Sale . The Gigginstown House Stud-owned seven-year-old is one of the best staying novice chasers in Ireland after winning each of his three starts over fences, completing the hat-trick with a brilliant display in Grade One company at Leopardstowns Christmas meeting. Sky Tickets Fast, secure racing tickets: Exclusive racing offers near you Connections considered one final run in preparation for his trip across the Irish Sea in this weekends Flogas Novice Chase, but he did not feature amongst the confirmations on Tuesday.Trainer Gordon Elliott said in his BoyleSports blog: No More Heroes will sidestep the Flogas Novice Chase and well head straight for the RSA Chase. Also See: Live results service Full racecards Bet £5 Get £20 Free Get Sky Sports Cheap Wholesale Air Max . The 18th player to shoot 60 on the tour, Jamieson settled for par on the final hole when his 15-foot birdie chip grazed the edge of the hole and stayed out. After opening with rounds of 66 and 73 to make the cut by a stroke, he had 11 birdies in the bogey-free round. Wholesale Air Max Shoes Sale . Scott Kazmir allowed four hits in seven shutout innings, Michael Brantley hit a two-run homer in a three-run first inning and the Indians maintained their hold on an AL wild-card spot with a 4-1 win over the Houston Astros on Saturday night. . The International Olympic Committee released the official list of bid cities on Friday after the deadline for applications had passed. The candidates -- all previously announced in their own countries -- are: Almaty, Kazakhstan; Beijing; Krakow, Poland; Lviv, Ukraine; Oslo, Norway; and Stockholm. Birmingham, Ala. -- Maurice Smith, a former student-athlete at the University of Alabama, has received a conditional waiver to Southeastern Conference rules that will permit Smith to transfer to the University of Georgia to pursue a graduate degree while having the option to complete his final year of athletic eligibility in either 2016 or 2017, with provisions dependent on the achievement of Smiths stated academic objectives should he play in 2016.Graduate transfer rules were established with the intent to be grounded in the academic interests of the student-athlete, said SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. This conditional waiver permits Maurice Smith to receive financial aid to pursue his stated academic goals at the school of his choice while connecting his athletic participation directly to those goals.Georgia requested the SEC make an exception to two SEC bylaws for Smith, one that requires incoming transfers to have at least two years of eligibility remaining and the second that requires student-athletes that transfer from one SEC institution to another SEC institution to sit out a full academic year prior to competing.The standard for granting waivers has been clear and compelling evidence that there is reason for allowing an exception to SEC rules, Sankey said. I found, among other contributing factors, that a student-athlete who graduates in three years and exhibits a strong commitment to his or her academic future provides compelling motivation to help them achieve their goals on and off the field.An institution has an obligation to provide opportunities for graduate student-athletes to earn a graduate degree. Similarly, student-athletes have accountability to the universities that are providing the educational opportunities they enjoy. Maurice has clearly and passionately stated his desire for a graduate degree in Public Health. The conditions of the waiver allow him to achieve that goal and provide the institution with greater incentive to make his educational interests a priority.The waiver grants Smith a graduate-student exemption to SEC Bylaw 14.1.15 (Two-Year Eligibility) which requires a student-athlete to have at least two years of eligibility remaining to be eligible to receive financial aid, practice and compete. Based on the waiver, Smith will be allowed to receive financial aid and practice with the Georgia team immediately. Smith is reequired to enroll in his stated degree program, the Master of Public Health graduate program, as a full-time student and must earn all possible Academic Progress Rate (APR) points for each term of his enrollment. China Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes. If the APR points are not earned, the university may not utilize the graduate-student exemption in football until after the 2019-20 academic year.The waiver also grants provisional relief to SEC Bylaw (Transferring within the Southeastern Conference) which governs intra-conference transfers. The bylaw requires a student-athlete to spend one full academic year in residence at the institution to which he/she is transferring. The conditions of the waiver state that Smith may play in 2017 as outlined by the bylaw, or he may play in 2016 contingent on completing at least nine credits of graduate level coursework in his degree program during the fall 2016 semester, and ultimately achieving his stated goal of earning a graduate degree in Public Health.Should Smith play in 2016 and fail to complete nine hours of coursework, he will not be eligible for post-season competition. Should he fail to graduate prior to the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year, Georgia would be precluded from requesting a waiver of either the two-year eligibility requirement or the intra-conference transfer rule for a graduate transfer in football until the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year (three years) or Smiths graduation from the graduate program, whichever comes first.Our SEC institutions adopted the intra-conference transfer rule in 2000 due to concerns that the transfer of current student-athletes within the conference would be viewed as unhealthy for student-athletes, the institutions and the conference alike, so this waiver is not granted lightly, Sankey said. The University of Alabama vigorously defended this SEC rule for good reason and has assisted this process in every way. The current rule places our coaches and administrators in untenable situations so it is time for us to address graduate transfer rules. An individual university does not possess the authority to activate that change, so adherence to these rules and the process by which exceptions are sought remain critical for every institution in the SEC. Jerseys NFL China Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys NFL Jerseys China Discount Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Cheap Nike Dolphins Jerseys Cheap Nike Patriots Jerseys Cheap Nike Jets Jerseys Cheap Nike Bengals Jerseys Cheap Nike Browns Jerseys Cheap Nike Steelers Jerseys Cheap Nike Texans Jerseys Cheap Nike Colts Jerseys Cheap Nike Jaguars Jerseys Cheap Nike Titans Jerseys Cheap Nike Broncos Jerseys ' ' '
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Pierre-Marc Bouchard will take his chances on the open market. Air Jordan Retro 12 Wholesale . Bouchard will not sign a new deal with the Minnesota Wild and will become an unrestricted free agent on July 5, according to a tweet from his agent, Allan Walsh. In 43 games with the Wild in 2012-13, Bouchard scored eight goals and added 12 assists. Originally drafted eighth overall by Minnesota at the 2002 NHL Entry Draft, the 29-year-old centre has spent his entire 10-year NHL career with the Wild, scoring 106 goals and 241 assists in 565 career games. Last season marked the final year of a five-year, $20.4 million deal he signed with the Wild prior to the 2008-09 season. Jordan 12 For Sale Cheap . -- Ohio States Urban Meyer has never had any issue acclimating to the biggest stages in college football. Cheap Jordan 12 Real . Brad Jacobs and his Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., team took control of the game early. .C. -- Todd Fiddler scored a hat trick, including the overtime goal, as the Prince George Cougars survived an 8-7 win against the Kamloops Blazers in Western Hockey League play Sunday. (STATS) -- Minus 14 players, including 10 starters, Charleston Southern was minus any chance against Florida State.The Buccaneers, ranked seventh in the STATS FCS Top 25, hope the worst is behind them after they fell 52-8 Saturday to the third-ranked FBS team in the nation.Florida State (2-0) scored four touchdowns in the first quarter and held a 35-0 lead in the second to take away any competitiveness. Redshirt freshman Deondre Francois was 25 of 32 for 262 yards and three touchdowns and running back Dalvin Cook and wide receiver Travis Rudolph scored two touchdowns each in the rout.Charleston Southern has never beaten an FBS in 18 all-time meetings, so it wasnt likely the Buccaneers (1-2) were going to mount a challenge in Tallahassee, Florida, but being shorthanded proved disastrous.The defending Big South Conference champs have suspended 32 players for one game each for violating NCAA rules by using financial aid meant for books to purchase other items at the schools bookstore. Sixteen players sat out the win over Division II Kentucky State last week and another two will serve their suspension at a later date.I was very proud of the guys that came down here under the circumstances and the way they fought, fourth-year coach Jamey Chadwell said. I was real disappointed in the way we executed at times with turning the ball over and some other things that were self-inflicted, bbut I knew they would compete and fight and thats what they did the whole game. Cheap Jordan Retro 12. Thats what weve been about, so it was good to see that.The 14 players who sat out against Florida State did so because Charleston Southern next plays its conference opener Sept. 24 at Monmouth. The missing starters were the top two running backs, four offensive linemen, a wide receiver, two safeties and a defensive tackle.With quarterback Kyle Copeland lost to a season-ending knee injury, London Johnson made the start. He was ineffective before Robert Mitchell came on to go 7 of 20 for 142 yards with a 57-yard touchdown pass to Kameron Brown in the second quarter.Charleston Southern lost three fumbles with its read option accounting for 152 yards on 39 carries. Chanin Hamilton carried the ball nine times for 53 yards.The Bucs also scored in the fourth quarter when defensive end Mike Taylor recorded a safety. Linebacker Solomon Brown paced the defensive effort with three tackles for loss and a sack.Chadwell still has to serve a one-game suspension because of an assistants impermissible social media contact with a high school player. That will occur against Albany State on Oct. 8.By then, the Bucs hope they will be moving forward again after several rough weeks. Jerseys NFL China Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys NFL Jerseys China Discount Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Cheap Nike Dolphins Jerseys Cheap Nike Patriots Jerseys Cheap Nike Jets Jerseys Cheap Nike Bengals Jerseys Cheap Nike Browns Jerseys Cheap Nike Steelers Jerseys Cheap Nike Texans Jerseys Cheap Nike Colts Jerseys Cheap Nike Jaguars Jerseys Cheap Nike Titans Jerseys Cheap Nike Broncos Jerseys ' ' '
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It is perhaps fitting that between Europes two largest club championships - the Europa League Final held Wednesday and the UEFA Champions League Final to be played May 25 - the football world will stop to bid a final farewell to Sir Alex Ferguson as manager of Manchester United. Cheap Yeezys Authentic . The European stage, much like that of the English Premier League, has grown both in scale and competition in the years Sir Alex has patrolled the Old Trafford sidelines. The Scotsman has not always proven successful on Europes grandest club stage, but the success hes enjoyed and the lengths he has gone to in pursuit of both the best talent and the talent most suited to his club have had a truly continental and, in fact, global reach. When Ferguson took the reins at United there was no such thing as the Champions League yet. The European Cup morphed into the Champions League in 1992-93 (which would then evolve to its current knockout format in 1994-95) and with the stakes upped to see year-long play between the continents top clubs, Ferguson took European scouting very seriously. Upon the announcement of Fergusons retirement just over a week ago, many took to the task of assembling an all-time starting XI for the 26 years of Fergusons tenure. While those lineups were riddled with standouts from England and the British Isles – names like David Beckham, Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes to name just a few – what immediately leaps out is how Sir Alex was able to assimilate foreign-born talent to thrive in an English system to create a truly global squad. Missing from many of these all-time squads were players from the other three elite European leagues of the past two decades: Serie A, La Liga and the Bundesliga. Thats not to say that Ferguson has not benefitted from talented Germans, Italians or Spaniards in his time. One neednt look any further than the goal line from this past season to see how he has benefitted from the emergence of David De Gea. However, it is the other talented European nations that have provided Ferguson with the biggest boost. Very conspicuous on those all-time teams were France and the Netherlands, contributing players such as Eric Cantona, Patrice Evra, Jaap Stam, and Edwin van der Sar. This is to say nothing of other compatriots that at one time or another were vital to Uniteds success such as Ruud van Nistelrooy, Robin van Persie and yes, even the Fabian Barthez era. And there is, of course, a certain Portuguese dynamo that may or may not have played his final game as a Red Devil. But beyond the traditional European powers, Fergie has also been able to reach farther for even greater success. Danish keeper Peter Schmeichel was in many cases the clear choice for Fergusons all-time netminder. He would find more success to the north with Norwegian striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, while later tasking Serbias Nemanja Vidic with holding the back line firm for seven years. In its current incarnation, United has reached even farther afield. Much of the secondary scoring behind van Persie in Uniteds Premiership-winning 2012-13 campaign has been shouldered by Japans Shinji Kagawa and Mexicos Javier Chicharito Hernandez. One of Fergusons final gifts may have been to expand the United fan base even further, with the January signing of 20-year-old Ivory Coast-born England international Wilfried Zaha. By no means was Ferguson the first to look outside Europe, but it seems that when he does it is not always for the biggest names – Fernando Torres comes to mind – he has a knack for finding young talent on the rise like Chicharito and Rooney and buffering it with big-money established transfers like van Persie. Fergusons success on the European stage has been varied. He has had his two grand successes – a monumental treble in 1999 and an unforgettable 2008 penalty kick triumph over Chelsea in Moscow – but he has also endured failures. Fergusons United crashed out in the group stage in 2006 and 2012 and he probably had a grander European exit envisioned than watching Real Madrid walk away victorious from Old Trafford in this seasons Round of 16. But there has never been a UEFA Champions League without United on Fergusons watch and he remains the only manager to guide an English club to two Champions League trophies, to say nothing of being one of only two clubs to have appeared in three of the last six Champions Finals (Bayern Munich being the other). Many managers have found success on the continental stage. Many managers have beaten Ferguson in European competition over the past 26 years. Some clubs – Milan, Barcelona, Real Madrid – have even been more successful over the lifespan of the current incarnation of the Champions League. Where Ferguson remains unrivaled, however, is his ability to reach across the continent (and eventually the globe) to find the right pieces to succeed on the European stage and keep an English club in the Champions League every year since its current incarnation began. Cheap Authentic Yeezys For Sale . Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek defeated Nenad Zimonjic and Ilija Bozoljac 6-2, 6-4, 7-6 (4) on the indoor hard-court at Belgrade Arena. The victory improved the Czech pairs impressive cup doubles record to 14-1. Cheap Yeezys For Sale . NBA officials ruled the court unplayable in the Bucks final exhibition game on Oct. 25 because players were slipping, and the game was cancelled midway through the first period. . Aaron Harrison scored a 22 points for Kentucky (6-1), which has won four in a row following a Nov. 12 loss to current No. 1 Michigan State. Julius Randle overcame a scoreless first half and added his sixth double-double in as many games with 14 points and 10 rebounds. Williams will present Felipe Massa with the car he raced at his final Brazilian Grand Prix as a parting gift to mark his retirement from Formula One.Massa is set to bow out from F1 after Sundays Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, calling time on a career that included 11 race victories. At a farewell party hosted at the Yas Marina Circuit on Saturday night, team members, friends and family and fellow drivers came together to toast the Brazilians 15-year spell in the sport.Tributes were led by deputy team principal Claire Williams, who praised the contribution Massa has had on the Grove-based team since his arrival in 2014. Alongside a photo album and a special cartoon illustrating his career, she announced the team would be giving Massa the chassis he drove in Brazil.The car featured a unique livery change as title sponsor Martini replaced its name with MASSA on the side of his FW38, as well as sporting a rear wing which carried the phrase Obrigado -- meaning thank you in Portuguese. Cheap Authentic Yeezys Shoes. I am so proud of my career, everything I passed through, difficult moments, and great moments, Massa said. I think it is a good time, so I am really happy with my decision.It is very difficult to decide or stop, because we are young and you need to decide something in the moment that you are still fit. To keep doing and keep working for very long, I am really sure I chose the right moment to do that.The former Sauber and Ferrari driver will make 250th and final grand prix start in Sundays race.? Jerseys NFL China Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys NFL Jerseys China Discount Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Cheap Nike Dolphins Jerseys Cheap Nike Patriots Jerseys Cheap Nike Jets Jerseys Cheap Nike Bengals Jerseys Cheap Nike Browns Jerseys Cheap Nike Steelers Jerseys Cheap Nike Texans Jerseys Cheap Nike Colts Jerseys Cheap Nike Jaguars Jerseys Cheap Nike Titans Jerseys Cheap Nike Broncos Jerseys ' ' '
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MARTINSVILLE, Va. Nike Air Vapormax For Sale . -- As everyone talks about Jimmie Johnsons incredible record at the next three racetracks and Kevin Harvicks dominance at Phoenix, Kyle Busch is simply going about his business at Martinsville Speedway.Youd think the defending Sprint Cup champion, a driver who has achieved significantly better results in the Chase this year than he did in his championship season, would have the focus on him entering the Chase semifinal round of Martinsville, Texas and Phoenix.And thats before one remembers this small fact: Busch won at Martinsville earlier this year. Texas, too.In short: The buzz isnt around Busch, but it would be silly to discount his chances in this 2016 championship hunt, almost as silly as NASCARs seeding system -- best finish in any race of the previous round -- that has Busch ranked eighth among the eight remaining Chase drivers.If theres a lock entering this round in the Chase, maybe it should start with the Joe Gibbs Racing No. 18 car, that he will win one of the next three races or will finish high enough in points to earn one of the four bids to compete for the championship at Homestead.Bad fortune [could get us], Busch said when asked about what would keep him out of contention at Homestead. Thats about it. As far as where we feel like of were capable of running, I dont see any reason to why we should not advance.Busch said that more matter-of-fact than with any cockiness. The facts back him up: He finished a combined 49 spots better in the Chase in the first five races this year than he did a year ago. For the record, he said it doesnt seem as if he is running any better, that he had some bad fortune in some races in 2015. But just as he did in 2015, hes doing enough each week to advance to the next round.These guys do a really good job -- [crew chief] Adam [Stevens] does a great job leading them -- in not letting us get too worked up in certain situations and just performing the way that we need to, Busch said. Weve got our ideas of what our goals should be set, and we just try to go out there and achieve them.The goal is to repeat as the Cup champion. Buschs weekend goal is to win races, which he has accomplished only once since the May race at Kansas.Maybe the fact he has won just once in the last 22 races (albeit a big win at Indianapolis) has quieted talk of Busch winning back-to-back titles and keeping the spotlight on the drivers who either win more or win to avoid elimination. The three-race, elimination-style format that resets points to make remaining drivers even at the start of the final three rounds also tends to silence talk about Busch going back-to-back. Despite being tied for the most wins this year with four, he has the same number of points as the seven other Chase drivers entering Martinsville.[The format] takes the vibe away a little bit, said Busch about how his going for a second consecutive title has run under the radar. I would say that were not as flashy as some other teams out there are able to be.I look at [Kevin] Harvick for instance. When their backs are against the wall, boom, they get it done. I give them all the credit in the world. It shows theyre championship capable. Us? We havent shown that type of capability. We havent needed to go out there and win a race like that, but we havent shown that, either, in just normal races.So can he get flashy, if needed?I dont know, Busch said. We havent had to be.Busch was certainly flashy enough early in the season. In addition to his wins at Martinsville and Texas in the spring, he finished fourth at Phoenix. Last year, he advanced to Homestead with finishes of fifth, fourth and fourth at Martinsville, Texas and Phoenix.We just need to get through this round the same we did last time, Busch said. It would be nice to win one.And it would certainly be sweet to repeat. Part of it comes from the desire to do things that people say drivers cant.It would [mean something] because a lot of people have said this format is so unpredictable that there is no way that a back-to-back could happen anymore, Busch said. Of course it can.You have to have the right circumstances. And you have to win Homestead two years in a row. Well see how it comes together and where we stand the Sunday after Phoenix. Cheap Vapormax For Sale . With his new coach and six-time Grand Slam singles champion Boris Becker watching him during an official match for the first time, Djokovic appeared tentative early against the Slovakian player, who often appeared content to keep the ball in play. Cheap Nike Air Vapormax . Siddikur, whose previous win on the circuit came in Brunei three years ago, finished his bogey-free round with a birdie on the 18th for a total of 17-under 199. Indias Shiv Chowrasia, who has finished runner-up in this tournament twice, was in second place after a 66. . You can watch the game live on TSN at 7:30pm et/4:30pm pt. The Flyers had won seven of eight before dropping their last two outings on consecutive days over the weekend. Philadelphia was handed a 6-3 loss by the visiting Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday afternoon before dropping a 4-1 decision to the Rangers the following night in New York City. One of the most heated debates of any Olympics? Which countries wore their outfits best during the Parade of Nations at opening ceremonies. Friday night, 207 delegations modeled their duds for million around the world, and heres how they stacked up.The oh-no-they-didnt listSwedenSatin? Seriously? These ensembles gave us Xanadu flashbacks and an urge to put on some roller skates.CroatiaWe know this is an homage to tradition, but we have two words: Italian tablecloths.AustraliaOy, Oy and Oy. Its a rare feat when you can pull off any kind of stripes. This was not one of those moments.FranceThis might not exactly be fair -- the French team always set a high bar. But when the team walked into Olympic Stadium, someone blurted out, It looks like they are wearing some kind of Ziploc bag. Cheap Nike Vapormax China. orwayThe Norwegians took their Sochi pants and made jackets out of them!The A-listersArgentinaAs Argentinas Luis Scola shows, sometimes simplicity in an outfit is the best bet.PortugalAnyone else think of those 90s Gap ads? We did. But the look was casual and chic, like the vibe on Ipanema.CameroonThe personification of verve and dignity.Costa RicaThis is an outfit youd see on a runway. The hats put it over the top.IndiaThe flowing, understated dresses were simply stunning.NetherlandsEvery combination worked here. The jackets, the suits, all of it. Jerseys NFL China Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys NFL Jerseys China Discount Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Cheap Nike Dolphins Jerseys Cheap Nike Patriots Jerseys Cheap Nike Jets Jerseys Cheap Nike Bengals Jerseys Cheap Nike Browns Jerseys Cheap Nike Steelers Jerseys Cheap Nike Texans Jerseys Cheap Nike Colts Jerseys Cheap Nike Jaguars Jerseys Cheap Nike Titans Jerseys Cheap Nike Broncos Jerseys ' ' '
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Middleweight titleholder Daniel Jacobs, who hails from Brooklyn, New York, and has boxed regularly in his hometown at Barclays Center since it hosted its first card in October 2012, was recently named the face of the arenas Brooklyn Boxing branded merchandise and clothing line. Wholesale Jordan 6 Shoes .His selection made perfect sense given where he is from, his exciting style, growing popularity and friendly demeanor.But when Jacobs faces Sergio Mora on Sept. 9 in a rematch of Jacobs second-round knockout win 13 months ago, when Mora fractured his ankle and was unable to continue, they will not be fighting at Barclays Center, site of the first fight. Instead, they will square off at Santander Arena in Reading, Pennsylvania.One of the reasons is because, as of Thursday, it became onerous for promoters to put on boxing events in New York thanks to a bill that went into effect that dramatically increased insurance premiums that promoters must pay in order to run a show.In April, the New York State Assembly legalized mixed martial arts in the state following years of lobbying efforts by UFC. Part of the bill included higher insurance rates for all combat sports. They went from $10,000 to $50,000 for general medical coverage per fighter on each card. Most dont view that as overly problematic, but the bill also included a new $1 million minimum requirement for each fighter in the event one suffers a traumatic brain injury. That does happen -- Magomed Abdusalamovs high-profile case comes to mind -- but it is rare.With the new rates becoming law this week, promoters say they will no longer be able to afford to put on shows, particularly smaller cards in which every dollar counts, in New York and will be taking their business elsewhere.Promoters Lou DiBella of DiBella Entertainment and Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing have kept boxing alive on a regular basis in New York for the past several years. While they have promoted their share of major events at venues such as Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden they run monthly club shows at smaller venues. They say an increase in costs would be detrimental to their ability to do as many shows or employ as many fighters, if they can even find somebody to write a policy.Others also promote regularly in New York, such as Bob Arums Top Rank and promoters who put on events as part of the Premier Boxing Champions series. But promoters say those days are a thing of the past unless the law is amended.Despite protests from boxing promoters, the NYSAC approved the changes during its meeting on Wednesday in the final step in making the bill intended to legalize MMA law. While UFC, which recently sold for $4 billion, will be able to afford the larger premiums, the same cant be said for boxing promoters.DiBella and DeGuardia both have spoken out against the new law and voiced their opinion during the 45-day public comment period before Wednesdays final approval by the commission.We respectfully request that the NYSAC eliminate the life-threatening traumatic brain injury limit set forth, they wrote in a joint statement given to the commission. They also called the $1 million figure unnecessary and arbitrary.Even a bigger company such as Top Rank said it will stop promoting in New York because of the new law.Arum said he has no issue with the increase in the general medical coverage minimum because he said Top Rank has already been taking out $50,000 policies for many years.For the last at least 10 years weve had $50,000 in coverage for the fighters and thats appropriate, so that part of the law has no impact and I think its a good change, Arum said. It costs like an extra $400 or $500 a fighter. Its reasonable.But he said that is not the case for the $1 million brain injury insurance now required.I dont know how you can afford that, Arum said. Paying the premium on that policy is probably more than the gate receipts you can take in on some cards so if that stands we couldnt do shows there. I dont even know if they can find a company to write a policy for that. If they cant, thats sayonara for New York boxing.According to the commission, however, there are insurance companies about to enter the market with a willingness to underwrite those policies. Some have estimated that it could cost a promoter about $10,000 extra to get a policy to cover all of the fighters on a 10-bout card, but others believe it will be much more. That would not be that big of a deal on a major card but would still present issues when it comes to club cards in which that amount of money might be the difference between profit and loss.Arum said UFC was responsible for having the language put into the bill during its lobbying efforts as a way to force boxing out of the state so it could claim prime dates and venues.UFC, which is a monopoly and instituted the legislation, will absolutely freeze out any MMA competitors and destroy boxing in the state the way this is written, Arum said. These things dont happen by accident. But if it stays this way we cannot go to New York and promote fights. Its as simple as that.UFC has denied the charges.No, UFC did not advocate for the insurance language in the statute, UFC told in statement. The organization learned of the proposed policies at the same time as the legislature and the other promoters. We pride ourselves on the initiatives we have put in place to continuously elevate athlete health and safety in the sport of mixed martial arts, and have consistently provided accidental insurance above and beyond any state requirement.Regardless of who proposed the new insurance regulations, Arum said Top Rank will not put on shows in New York until they are changed.We were planning events for next year at Madison Square Garden and booking dates and now well have to unbook those dates, Arum said. For Top Rank to miss out on a few shows in New York, OK, but the guys I feel for are the ones who have kept boxing alive in New York: DiBella and DeGuardia.Arum, known for getting emotional when something is bothering him, was quite calm when talking about the situation. He said it was because he believes the language will eventually be changed once it is clear that the law has driven so much boxing business out of the state.I dont want to blow my stack like I usually do because I hope reason will prevail and theyll make a change, Arum said. I assume down the road therell be major changes. If not, theyll have a few UFC shows and an athletic commission sitting on their ass with nothing else to do, and the promoters will be going elsewhere, like over the bridge to New Jersey.But the commission said no changes are planned even though it does have the power to adjust the amount of insurance needed at its discretion.The New York State Athletic Commission voted to approve the final regulations governing combat sports in New York State. NYSACs primary objective is to ensure the safest environment for combative sports in the nation so that combat athletes competing in New York State incur the fewest and least severe injuries possible, commission spokesman Laz Benitez told in a statement. While some combative sports industry professionals expressed concern over the premiums for the $1 million coverage, these amounts are as yet determined. However, from discussions with insurers about to enter the market, we believe the costs will be reasonable.Ultimately, the frequency and severity of life-threatening brain injuries incurred in New York State will drive the premiums. NYSAC believes the best way to keep premiums down is to keep injuries to a minimum.Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment CEO Brett Yormark, who runs Barclays Center and has made boxing a cornerstone of the programming at the building, said he believes that even with the increase in insurance costs there still will be regular boxing at a high level at his arena. In fact, he said he plans to announce two major cards in the coming weeks, both of which would take place before the end of the year, regardless of whether the commission changes the insurance language.I feel very confident that the major championship fights we have hosted will continue, Yormark said. As far as my commitment, it will continue at the highest level. I dont think the ruling by the state will have a great impact on our boxing programming, but I cant speak for the smaller fights even though I am very supportive of all the promoters.DeGuardia, who has used his club cards at the Paramount in Huntington on New Yorks Long Island to develop fighters, most notably former junior welterweight titleholder Chris Algieri, has Oct. 14 on hold for a card there. But he said he will cancel it next week without a change in the rules.We didnt schedule a show for September because of this situation but if there is no change by next week -- and there probably wont be -- I will tell the Paramount to scratch it and move the show out of state. Ill move it to Connecticut, New Jersey or Pennsylvania or Ill go to one of the New York casinos, where it will be outside the jurisdiction of the commission.At casinos in New York, such as Turning Stone in Verona, a regular host of boxing, the sport is overseen by tribal commissions with their own rules and regulations.The law gives the commission the power to adjust the amount of insurance needed for a traumatic brain injury, but that was not done on Wednesday, DeGuardia said. You would hope they will adjust and realize the damage done to the state financially because of the impact it has on fighters and everybody else that has a financial stake in events that take place in the state of New York. Unfortunately, although the new rules might have been done with good intentions, the road is not going to lead to where they think.Its going to make it much more difficult to promote boxing and MMA, for the smaller MMA promoters, and the result will be the reverse of what they desired, which was to bring MMA in and increase revenue for the state. Cheap Jordan 6 Online . -- Jonathan Drouin gave Halifax the boost it needed to edge host Sherbrooke Phoenix 3-2 in a shootout in Quebec Major Junior Hockey League action. Wholeale Jordan 6 China . On June 12, just as the sun sets on the magnificent historical city of Sao Paulo the inventors, innovators and purveyors of “joga bonitowill” open their campaign. The opponent, Croatia and all its football might and will. As opposites do attract we are set for a corker of an opener. . -- The Bishops Gaiters are showing they belong among the countrys top varsity football teams. The principal drawback of success is that people then expect you to have more of it. Right now, the summer of 2016-17 is the difficult second album stage for the Womens Big Bash League. The inaugural edition a year ago was deemed to have exceeded expectations, but thats not so difficult when no one knew what their expectations were. It drew good crowds, surprisingly strong television numbers, and provided a stage for some excellent young talent. Second time around, we might insist its a minimum requirement to have a legspinner ripping the ball a yard and a half in front of ten thousand at the ground and half a million on TV.In truth though this season is a consolidation chapter, all part of Cricket Australias long-term strategy to increase crickets inclusiveness for women and girls, raise the standard of the womens game for spectators, and help that game support itself with revenue.Nonetheless, WBBL|02 is positioned to do well. Channel Ten has expanded its commitment to screen 12 games, including a prime-time evening match amongst four to be broadcast on the standalone opening weekend. That first carnival round will feature all eight teams across three days in Sydney, taking the spotlight a week before the mens counterpart competition gets underway.The opening round aside, the WBBL schedule wont be as crowded this year. Gone are the absurd rosters that saw some teams play twice in a day, though some games have moved to further-flung grounds to make the competition more accessible. Rooty Hill, Glenelg, Cranbourne or Albury might not be mentioned in the same breath as the WACA, Etihad Stadium or the SCG, but this seasons locales will range from the most illustrious to the most modest. And with free entry for all but the BBL double-headers, it couldnt be much easier.Sydney Thunder The champs of WBBL|01 will defend their title in rude health, losing none of the firepower that won them the competition while adding Indian middle-order dynamo Harmanpreet Kaur. No player does more all-round damage in the womens T20 game than West Indian Stafanie Taylor, returning to the Thunder after topping the runs and most wickets in Englands domestic competition mid-year, after holding aloft the World T20 trophy in April.Led by the always-calm Southern Stars mainstay Alex Blackwell, international experience is present via Rene Farrells seam and Erin Osbornes spin. On top of that, the Thunder boast two youngsters who made it to the highest level after big tournaments last year, left-arm quick Lauren Cheatle and picket-clearing Naomi Stalenberg. With emerging talent like spinner Maisy Gibson also on their books, they have the matchwinners and depth to make winning a habit.Sydney Sixers The pink side of Sydney flipped from competition duds to darlings last season. Facing the earliest possible elimination after losing six games, they went all Mighty Ducks to make the final after winning eight in a row to qualify for the semis. Luckily for the superstitious theyve re-signed New Zealand international Sara McGlashan, the star of several of those wins, whose nerveless 79 not out took them into the finals from the last ball of the regular season.The bowling version of Ebenezer Scrooge also returns in South African opener Marizanne Kapp, and her national skipper Dane van Niekerk has been poached from the Renegades to bolster the middle order. A reasonably handy type you may have heard of named Ellyse Perry is floating about, along with spinner Lisa Sthalekar who continues her Warne-like practice of staving off retirement with occasional T20 appearances.Perth Scorchers Another side that has promised much more than delivered, the Scorchers immediately look weaker for losing England champion Charlotte Edwards and West Indies bludgeoner Deandra Dottin. But in adding Anya Shrubsole to her England opening partner Katherine Brunt, the best new-ball pair in international cricket now also lines up for Perth.Shrubsoles arrival will be delayed due to injury, with England left-arm tweaker Rebecca Reg Grundy taking her place for the opening four games. Batting responsibility falls on the shoulders of experienced trio Suzie Bates, Nicole Bolton and Elyse Villani. Bates is at the peak of her powers as New Zealand skipper - player of the match in the Super League final in England - while the latter pair are vastly experienced Australian openers. Like the Stars, and like last year, the Scorchers look great - on paper.Adelaide Strikers The strain of elite womens cricket can be seen in Adelaides ranks, with last years star England international Sarah Taylor on a break to deal with anxiety, and opening bowler Sarah Cooyte recently opening up about her struggles with an eating disorder. Jordan 6 Shoes For Sale. . Difficult as their experiences are, by speaking about them these women are providing help and reassurance for girls with similar issues.Another former England player, Charlotte Edwards, has switched from Perth in a swap for Lauren Ebsary, and will combine for batting stability with fellow recruit Sarah Elliott, the Test centurion arriving from the Renegades. Two young Strikers - leg-spinner Amanda-Jade Wellington and all-rounder Tahlia McGrath - just made their ODI debuts for Australia, while swing bowler Megan Schutt is a national fixture. English import Tammy Beaumont is one of the biggest hitters in the game, and New Zealands Sophie Devine can match her for power. On balance, this might be the most exciting squad in the comp.Melbourne Stars There wasnt a side in WBBL|01 that promised more but delivered less. A side led by the best player in the world in Meg Lanning, it made sense the Stars would waltz through the regular season and beyond. They didnt. Foreign recruits underperformed, domestic players didnt make the leap - especially with the bat. But they still have Lanning, and returning international Natalie Sciver is a cricketer reborn since last on these shores, evolving into a batsman capable of taking down attacks in a matter of overs in the revitalised England set up.Her national team-mate Danielle Hazell joins the squad as a temporary replacement while Australian first-choice leggie Kristen Beams recovers from a finger injury. Kiwi bowler Morna Nielsen was dominant last year, and powerful Australian bat Jess Cameron is making a comeback after a year away from the game. In short: the Stars have no excuses.Melbourne Renegades The team in red had a poor first season, scraping four wins in some scrappy affairs, though they did roll the Stars in their New Years game on live TV. Light on for batting, theyve lured Australias biggest hitter in Grace Harris from Brisbane. But one batsman cant carry a team, with diminutive placement player Danielle Wyatt and Kiwi wicketkeeper Rachel Priest the only noted willow-handlers alongside. Hiring the CEOs daughter cant hurt a club in the longer term, but we cant expect 15-year-old Annabel Sutherland to generate more headlines than CA boss James.Molly Strano and Sophie Molineux, also known as Molly & Molly, could act as a mood enhancer if they land the pill right, but its been a major comedown losing South African tearaway Shabnim Ismail to a disciplinary suspension from her home board. If they keep their young team together, the Renegades can become something in seasons ahead, but this time around will likely be another struggle.Brisbane Heat In Brisbane last year they got hot fast, but cooled quicker, falling away badly when it mattered most. While the Heat have lost matchwinner Grace Harris in the off-season, stylish Indian bat Smriti Mandhana can replace her at the top of the list, while West Indian Deandra Dottin can clatter bowlers just as far.Beth Mooneys consistency with the bat earned her a national call-up last summer, and she carried that on with a big century for Queensland in the WNCL. Shes a player they can and must build a batting line up around. With the ball, Holly Ferlings burgeoning seniority in Australian ranks suggests she is ready to take a step up here, while Southern Stars all-rounder Jess Jonassen has the best straight drive in womens cricket. On their day theyre formidable, they just have to ensure that day comes around more often.Hobart Hurricanes The Moneyball side of the WBBL, the Hurricanes have no frills, no mystique and no Southern Stars. Its indicative of domestic crickets power disparity that not a single national representative has chosen to represent Tasmania. But none of that stopped Hobart putting together an even outfit that most often got the job done, topping the table for much of last year and making the semi-finals.This was built on consistent contributions from low-wattage players like Erin Burns, Brooke Hepburn, and Corinne Hall, though the latter provided some brilliance in the field. That squad is almost unchanged, with wicketkeeper Georgia Redmayne the lone inclusion. The teams few international stars are Englands Heather Knight, who was top ten in the runs and wickets last year; Hayley Matthews, the West Indies teenager who destroyed Australias bowling to win the World T20; and Amy Satterthwaite, who starred for New Zealand with two ODI centuries less than a month ago. 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West Indies have always been vulnerable to their players earning more by representing someone else. Cheap College Jerseys Authentic . Garry Sobers almost played in English league cricket in 1963 instead of for West Indies. Two rebel tours took place to apartheid South Africa in the 1980s, exploiting the financial insecurity of fringe players. So those who harrumph that todays Caribbean stars lack the pride of their forebears in representing the region miss the point. West Indies will not return to having their stars available for every game through appeals to romance.Incentives matter. It is not in the financial interests of West Indies T20 stars to devote themselves to the national side. While that remains the case, the dispiriting cycle will continue: at full-strength in the World T20, West Indies will remain formidable, but the rest of the time they will be deprived of most of their best players, with predictable results.The heady talk in April of a resurgent West Indies, after the men and women had triumphed in the World T20 and the Under-19s had won the World Cup, already seems like an age ago. There are a few more trophies on the mantlepiece, but nothing has changed. The internecine squabbling between the players and board continues. Phil Simmons, the most popular coach with the players for many years and the man who oversaw the mens World T20 triumph, has been sacked. Some stars from that tournament are now absent friends; others are only glimpsed in a West Indies shirt when they are underprepared.Dwayne Bravo arrived in the UAE the day before the first T20I against Pakistan, highlighting how West Indies are emasculated by the absence of contracts for their white-ball specialists: the only WICB contracts are for those who play Test cricket too. All the while, other countries are successfully grappling with the notion of white-ball specialists. England have just introduced lucrative new white-ball contracts, which could allow leading limited-overs players to earn more than Test players. Could West Indies limited-overs cricket be reinvigorated by doing the same, and creating six to eight contracts for white-ball specialists?It is much easier for the ECB to award bumper central contracts than for the WICB to do so because the ECB has so much more cash: the result of more lucrative commercial deals. A lack of cash is the reason why, in order to fund the creation of 90 professional contracts in the domestic game, the WICB had to reduce the amount that the top international players earned, and phase out the seniority principle in international payments, under which senior players received higher match fees than less experienced ones did.The WICB has made some effort to compromise with leading limited-overs players. Outside pre-existing arrangements, the WICB has created a window for the IPL in the cricket calendar. That is a big chunk of the prime cricket months in the Caribbean. It is also lost revenue for WICB not scheduling cricket in that window, says Richard Pybus, West Indies director of cricket. Having done that, we wanted players committing to play in West Indies domestic cricket, to give value to fans and sponsors and bring depth to the competitions. So they would have been able to play in the IPL and CPL, then give a commitment to West Indies cricket, international and local. This hasnt been the case. The WICB has ruled that ODI selection is predicated on playing in the Nagico50, the regional 50-over competition, but as that clashes with the Big Bash, the ruling has left a coterie of players unavailable for ODI cricket.So while the WICB is far from blameless, to some extent it is also simply a victim of wider financial imbalances in international cricket. And yet even New Zealand, a board with similar financial realities, finds a way to accommodate white-ball-only contracts.An insider believes that US$100,000-150,000 a year would persuade West Indies players to sign up to limited-overs contracts that allow them to play the entirety of the IPL and CPL but otherwise gave the WICB first refusal over their services, and the right to manage the players workloads. With such security, players would be less inclined to play in every possible T20 competition.In Florida in August, the WICB held discussions with limited-overs specialists on how to work together; among the options proposed by the players representatives was including white-ball contracts and relaxing the requirements to play in the Nagico50. As yet nothing has materialised from the conversations, though the WICB is understood to be considering introducing some form of limited-overs contracts.There would be significant advantages if they did so. While the cash needed for white-ball contracts - probably close to $1 million a year, depending on the number of contracts - is not insignificant, it could be seen as an investment. If West Indies are able to tie down their limited-overs stars, they would become a much more attractive proposition to broadcasters, sponsors and opponents alike.In March, Bravo suggested that West Indies could dominate T20I cricket just as they had dominated Tests in the 1980s. While the West Indies of the 1980s generated cash by being invited to tour the wealthiest nations - they toured Australia six times that decade, including four times in Test series - so the side of the 2010s could become huge draws in limited-overs cricket, leaving West Indies better off financially and in cricket terms. Few want to watch the T20 world champions play as meekly as in the two whitewashes by Pakistan in the UAE.Of course, a new system could create new problems. The WICBs current contracts show an organisation that puts Test cricket above the other two formats. If that changed, then West Indies limited-overs sides might be strengthened - but at the expense of a further decline in their Test team.One of the West Indies challenges is to keep their best players playing Test cricket, says Tony Irish, the executive chairman of the Federation of International Cricketers Associations. Lucrative white-ball contacts may bring some of their current free agent players back to playing ODIs and T20Is but it may well also encourage future West Indies players to make that choice over Test cricket. Irish believes new contracts need to be more lucrative across the board to keep players playing all three formats - emphasising how West Indies are hampered under the ICCs revenue distribution model. However much it is maligned, the WICB faces a series of unenviable choices.But the current impasse between the itinerant T20 stars and the WICB is debilitating and, without substantial reform, shows no signs of improving. My feeling at the moment is that things could get worse before they get better, says Eddie Tolchard, managing director of Insignia Sports International, which represents, among others, Samuel Badree, Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine and Darren Sammy. There are financial considerations, of course, but in any form of employer-employee relationship, there is a duty of mutual trust and confidence.For players to enter into any form of retainer with the WICB, it wouldnt be purely down to the financials. The relationship would need to be better. Goals aligned. Continuity and confidence installed, with everyone knowing where they stand and what exactly they are agreeing to commit to each year, and importantly, a thriving and positive environment for the youngsters to be exposed to created.If that does not happen, the current batch of T20 globetrotters will be trendsetters in the Caribbean, and young players might use West Indies as little more than a vehicle to attract T20 scouts. Already the lack of availability of West Indies best players has cost them a place in the Champions Trophy, and the $250,000 participation fee that comes with it. Now, having slipped back to ninth in the ODI rankings after their drubbing by Pakistan, West Indies are at risk of not merely having to play the World Cup Qualifiers, but doing so shorn of their best limited-overs players, jeopardising their chances of reaching the World Cup itself, and thus potentially losing out on the $1 million given to each qualifier.A new contract system would be no panacea. But increasing the incentives for leading players to represent West Indies would give the team a chance of ending the blame game, and fielding something resembling their best side in the two limited-overs formats. Without substantial reform, the fear is that West Indies performances in bilateral limited-overs cricket will get even worse. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys China . Ferrer, trying to win his fourth title on Mexican soil, will next play South Africas Kevin Anderson, who eliminated American Sam Querrey,7-6 (2), 6-4. Also Wednesday, Gilles Simon (6) of France beat Donald Young of the United States 6-4, 6-3, Ukraines Alexandr Dolgopolov downed Frenchman Jeremy Chardy 6-3, 6-4 and Croatias Ivo Karlovic defeated Dudi Sela of Israel 7-6 (4), 6-2. Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic . Reassurance came from Paul Tesori, his caddie and close friend whose newborn son is in intensive care in a Florida hospital. "Paul sent me a text this morning, just told me he loved me and wanted to go out and fight as hard as I would any other day," Simpson said Sunday after doing just that. . Its an influence in football and a big part of the game. The Supreme Court has told the BCCI to stop issuing funds to state associations that will not comply with the Lodha Committees recommendations. It told the board that no further money should be given unless the state association passes a resolution to implement the recommendations and submits an affidavit before the court.In an interim order issued on Friday, the court also said that funds disbursed by the BCCI to certain state associations after the boards annual general meeting in November 2015, should go into a fixed-term deposit until further directions.On Thursday, the court was told by amicus curiae Gopal Subramanium that the BCCI had disbursed substantial sums to state associations before putting in place a disbursement policy, which was one of the recommendations the board had to adopt by the September 30 deadline. Subramanium said the action was in defiance of the Lodha Committees directives.Kapil Sibal, the lawyer representing the BCCI, had said in his clients defence that the disbursement was an ordinary and routine matter and not forbidden by the Lodha Committee. The interim order said Sibal had revealed to the court that the BCCI had got INR 2500 crore as compensation from the broadcaster on account of termination of the Champions League T20, which was discontinued last year.Sibal had told the court that about INR 1500 crore went towards taxes and other liabilities, leaving BCCI with a net amount of Rs.1036.78 crore. He submitted that in terms of a decision taken in the AGM held on 09.11.2015, 70% of balance amount of Rs.718.24 crores was to be disbursed to 25 Associations in the country @ Rs.28.73 crores per Association, the order said. A sum of Rs.12 crores out of the said amount was released to each one of the Associations pursuant to the said resolution leaving the balance amount of Rs.16.73 crores unpaid.Subramanium contended that the disbursement of such large amounts was not a routine matter and was done on an ad-hoc basis with the intention to appease and possible induce the board members to oppose the Lodha Committee recommendations.In its order, the court said it did not want to take a final view on whether any action should be taken against the BCCI and its office bearers.However, the court found fault with the BCCIs position that it could not adopt the Memorandum of Association and Rules, a step that would signal it had adopted the Lodha Committees recommendations, because of the reluctance of state associations to do so.If that be the position, there is no reason why the State Associations that are opposed to the reforms suggested by Justice Lodha Committee and accepted by this Court should either expect or draw any benefit from the release of grants by the BCCI, the order said.Arvind Datar, another lawyer representing the BCCI, argued that only 13 state associations had received the balance amount of INR 16.73 crores each. The court said: No further amount in terms of the Resolution passed in AGM on 09.11.2015 or any subsequent resolution by the BCCI or its Working Committee shall be disbursed to any State Association except where the State Association concerned passes a proper resolution to the effect that it is agreeable to undertake and to support the reforms as proposed and accepted by this Court in letter and spirit. Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys. Such an unequivocal undertaking needed to be signed by the president of the state association and presented both to the Lodha Committee and the court.It is only after such affidavits are filed, that BCCI may transfer the balance amount of Rs.16.73 crores payable to the State Associations. As regards the 13 State Associations to whom the payment has already been disbursed, we direct that the State Associations concerned shall not appropriate the said amount except after they have passed a resolution and filed an affidavit as mentioned above before Justice Lodha Committee and before this Court. In case the affidavits are not filed, the amount disbursed to the State Associations shall be invested by the Associations in a term deposit subject to further directions of this Court.On October 1, the BCCI had held a Special General Meeting to consider the Lodha Committees recommendations and said it would only accept a selection of them. The board said it could not accept recommendations such as the age cap of 70 for office bearers, the nine-year limit for term of office broken into three, three-year terms with a cooling-off period between each term, and the one-state-one-vote policy. These recommendations, the BCCI said, had not been accepted by the boards members - the state associations.It later emerged that the BCCI had also held an emergent working committee meeting on September 30. After hearing about decisions supposedly taken at that meeting, the Lodha Committee directed two banks to stop two specific transfers to the state associations because the BCCI had not put in place the new fund disbursement policy.The BCCI responded by claiming the ongoing India-New Zealand series was under threat because the Lodha Committee had frozen its accounts. The committee said it had done no such thing and issued a clarification to banks to not freeze the boards accounts in total. However, several of the transfers the Lodha Committee had objected to had already been made, which prompted the committee to issue a directive to the states telling them not to touch these funds or risk being in contempt of court.These events culminated in the hearing on October 6, when a three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of India TS Thakur gave the BCCI a day to agree to fall in line with the Lodha Committees recommendations. On Friday, however, the hearing was deferred to October 17 but the interim order was damaging to the financial future of the state associations, unless they adopted the Lodha Committee recommendations. 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MEMPHIS, Tenn. Cheap Air Max 90 For Sale . -- Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, Tony Allen and Mike Conley are playing for their third different head coach since starting the best run in Memphis Grizzlies history.Conley said theres one simple reason the aging core is eager to follow first-year coach David Fizdale.Youre going to listen because you know that he has a vision for this team to win a championship, and well do whatever it takes, Conley said.Injuries ravaged Memphis last season with neither Gasol nor Conley able to finish. The Grizzlies used an NBA-record 28 players last season, slumping to a 42-40 finish and the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference. The Grizzlies fired coach Dave Joerger on May 7 and replaced him with Fizdale.He walks in with a championship resume from working with the Miami Heat. He also has a proven track record of working with stars like Dwyane Wade and LeBron James to rookies like Josh Richardson. Fizdale inherits a roster that also includes Vince Carter, who turns 40 in January, and a handful of young players Memphis needs developed to advance to the Western Conference finals for the first time since this teams lone trip in 2013.Fizdale spent the preseason trying to space out the Grizzlies on offense and speed them up, a style they will have to prove they can stick with once the regular season starts.So far, the Grizzlies leaders have seen enough to believe and keep following to extend a playoff streak of six straight seasons that ranks third in the NBA for the longest active streaks behind only San Antonio (19) and Atlanta (9).This is the year that we have to be more hungry and have more grit and grind to get to where we want to go, guard Tony Allen said.---Some other things to know about the Grizzlies who open the season Wednesday night hosting Minnesota:WATCHING MINUTES: Gasol started training camp with a surgically repaired right foot, an injury that ended his season in February. He dealt with a bone bruise in the same foot during preseason, but Fizdale already planned to limit the 7-foot-1 centers minutes to keep Gasol fresher for the postseason. That also goes for Conley, who had his season ended in early March by left Achilles tendinitis. Conley played an average of 31.4 minutes in his 56 games last season before signing the NBAs richest deal to that point at five-year, $153 million deal in July to stay in Memphis. But Fizdale also is pushing Gasol to shoot more 3s and is giving Conley more opportunities and freedom on the court.Z BO COMING OFF BENCH: Fizdales biggest move has been replacing Randolph in the starting lineup with JaMychal Green. The 26-year-old Green led the Grizzlies in games played last season (78), and he averaged 10.6 points and 6.3 rebounds in the 29 games after the All-Star break when the injuries stacked up. Randolph is going into the final season of his contract at the age of 35, and Fizdale has sold him on the concept of being the leagues best sixth man to help his future marketability while giving Memphis more scoring off the bench.BACKUP POINT GUARD: The biggest need is figuring out who backs up Conley. The Grizzlies drafted Wade Baldwin IV out of Vanderbilt with the 17th pick and hes competing with Andrew Harrison, who spent his first year out of Kentucky in the D-League last season.CHANDLER PARSONS: The Grizzlies brought their biggest free agent ever to Memphis in July signing Parsons to a four-year, $94 million contract . The forward has been recovering from surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee in March and very limited this preseason. Memphis needs him healthy to provide the 3-point threat the Grizzlies have never had. Parsons shot 41.4 percent outside the arc and averaged 13.7 points per game last season.HEALTHY BRANDAN WRIGHT: The big free agent signee a year ago was forward/center Brandan Wright who was limited to 12 games by injuries to his right knee. He had surgery Dec. 17th and sprained his right MCL on Feb. 27. But he is healthy finally for Memphis.---Follow Teresa M. Walker at Cheap Air Max 90 Sale . As he recorded his 23rd and 24th points of the evening, a segment of the sellout Air Canada Centre crowd expressed their appreciation for the Raptors point guard with a smattering of MVP chants. Cheap Air Max 90 Free Shipping . Denis Coderre, the former federal MP who was elected mayor on Nov. 3, has drawn the ire of some Montreal Canadiens. During last nights game he tweeted: "Hello? Can we get a one-way ticket to (minor-league) Hamilton for David Desharnais please. . Laudrup revealed Thursday he was notified of his dismissal in "the briefest of letters which gave no reasons why such hasty and final action was deemed necessary. ST. LOUIS -- Adrian Gonzalez hit his eighth homer, red-hot Justin Turner got two more RBI and the Los Angeles Dodgers beat St. Louis 7-2 on Saturday night to end the Cardinals five-game winning streak.Turners two-run double capped a four-run third. He has 14 RBI since the All-Star break.Gonzalezs 429-foot solo blast to center sparked a three-run sixth.Kenta Maeda (9-7) rebounded from a poor outing against Arizona on July 17, giving up two runs over 5 2/3 innings. Only one of the Cardinals first 15 batters was able to hit the ball out of the infield against the Japanese right-hander.Andrew Toles went 3 for 4 and scored once for the Dodgers. He has reached safely in nine of 10 games since being called up from the minors.Mike Leake (7-8) allowed seven runs -- six earned -- in six innings.Matt Adams homered for the second consecutive game. His blast to left in the fourth extended the Cardinals streak of home runs to 14 straight games.Aledmys Diaz reached safely for the 26th straight game with a first-inning single. Diazs streak is the second-longest by a Cardinals rookie since Albert Pujols had streaks of 30 and 48 games in 2001.GIANTS 2, YANKEES 1, 12 INNINGSNEW YORK -- Mac Williamson homered in the fifth inning and hit a tiebreaking single in the 12th, lifting San Francisco past New York for the Giants first victory since the All-Star break.NL West-leading San Francisco had lost a season-high six straight games and had held just one lead since the break -- when Buster Posey hit a go-ahead home run leading off the 10th inning at San Diego on July 16 only to have the Padres rally for a pair of runs in the bottom half against Santiago Casilla.Williamson, whose fourth-inning error allowed the Yankees run, began the comeback when he connected off Ivan Nova leading off the fifth.Trevor Brown hit an opposite-field double to right off Anthony Swarzak (1-1) leading off the 12th, and Williamson singled up the middle with one out, just past the glove of diving shortstop Didi Gregorius. San Francisco was 0 for 10 with runners in scoring position, dropping to 7 for 64 (.111) since the All-Star break, before Williamsons single.Cheered on by hundreds of orange-clad fans in the Giants old hometown, San Francisco escaped a bases-loaded, one-out jam in the 10th when Casilla (2-3) retired Brian McCann on a shallow flyout and Starlin Castro on a foulout. Hunter Strickland pitched a perfect 12th for his second save.MARINERS 14, BLUE JAYS 5TORONTO -- Nelson Cruz hit his ninth career grand slam and added a three-run shot, and Hisashi Iwakuma pitched six innings to win his fifth straight start in Seattles victory over Toronto.Cruz hit his slam off R.A. Dickey (7-11) in the third, then added a three-run drive off Drew Storen in the eighth for his 20th career multi-homer game. He has 25 home runs this season.It was the 13th time in team history a Mariners player has recorded seven RBI. The team record is eight by Mike Blowers, Mike Cameron and Alvin Davis.Kyle Seager hit a two-run homer and Nori Aoki had two RBI and scored twice as the Mariners used a season-high 19 hits to win their third straight. Iwakuma (11-6) allowed two runs and four hits.Wade LeBlanc pitched the final three innings for his first save.ORIOLES 5, INDIANS 2BALTIMORE -- Mark Trumbo hit his major league-leading 30th home run, Kevin Gausman pitched seven shutout innings and Baltimore beat Cleveland in a duel between first-place teams.Pedro Alvarez also homered for the Orioles, who will seek to complete a three-game sweep of the AL Central leaders on Sunday. Cleveland has scored three runs in 18 innings thus far.Trumbo connected with a man on to cap a three-run first inning against Josh Tomlin (10-3). Playing in his first season with Baltimore, Trumbo already has eight more homers than last year and is just four short of matching his career high, set in 2013 with the Angels.After earning only one win in his first 16 starts, Gausman (2-7) struck out seven and allowed only one runner past first base. The right-hander gave up four hits and walked three but was backed by three double plays. Brad Brach surrendered a two-out, two-run single to Lonnie Chisenhall in the ninth before Zach Britton got the final out for his 32nd save.MARLINS 7, METS 2MIAMI -- Giancarlo Stanton homered and had his first four-hit game since 2012, driving in three runs to give Jose Fernandez all the support he needed, and Miami beat New York.Miami rocked Jacob deGrom (6-5), who allowed 10 hits and five runs, both seasoon highs, and lasted just 3 2/3 innings in his shortest outing since August. Air Max 90 China Wholesale. Fernandez (12-4) gave up two runs in seven innings to match his career high for victories, achieved in his 2013 rookie season. He also had two hits, hiking his average to .265, and drove in the first run.Home Run Derby winner Stanton put Miami ahead to stay in the third inning when he hit a majestic two-run homer off the left-field scoreboard above the 401-foot sign. He added an RBI single in the fourth, and singled in the first and sixth, hiking his average to .241 after a prolonged slump.RANGERS 7, ROYALS 4KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Cole Hamels allowed one unearned run in 5 1/3 innings, Nomar Mazara and Adrian Beltre homered and Texas beat Kansas City.Hamels, who is 6-1 with a 2.24 ERA in his past nine starts, limited the Royals to five hits, struck out four and walked three. Hamels (11-2) lowered his ERA to 2.87.The Rangers picked up only their fifth victory in 20 games.Yordano Ventura (6-8) was the loser.PIRATES 7, PHILLIES 4PITTSBURGH -- Gregory Polanco and David Freese hit two-run singles during a five-run fifth inning to rally and Pittsburgh beat Philadelphia after top Pirates prospect Tyler Glasnow was removed with shoulder discomfort.Glasnow exited his second major league start in the fourth inning. The rookie right-hander was recalled from Triple-A Indianapolis earlier in the day and allowed two runs (one earned) and four hits in three-plus innings.Polancos hit put the Pirates ahead 4-3 and chased starter Aaron Nola (5-9). Freeses hit off Severino Gonzalez pushed the lead to three runs, and Francisco Cervelli capped the inning with a sacrifice fly.Juan Nicasio (8-6) allowed one run in two innings in relief of Glasnow. Mark Melancon pitched the ninth for his 29th save.NATIONALS 3, PADRES 2WASHINGTON -- Pinch-hitter Stephen Drew hit a game-ending RBI triple in the ninth inning to lift Washington past San Diego,Anthony Rendon opened the bottom off the ninth with a single off reliever Kevin Quackenbush (6-4). Drew entered with one out and drove a pitch off the center-field scoreboard, and Rendon raced around the bases for the winning run.Jonathan Papelbon (2-2) allowed a leadoff double in the ninth before retiring three straight batters. San Diego left runners in scoring position in each of the last two innings.Washington starter Max Scherzer struck out 10 over seven innings.BREWERS 6, CUBS 1MILWAUKEE -- Kirk Nieuwenhuis hit two home runs, Zach Davies took a shutout into the seventh inning and Milwaukee beat Chicago.Jonathan Lucroy also homered, giving Milwaukee the lead with a two-run shot in the first off John Lackey (7-7). Nieuwenhuis led off the fourth with a homer to center field, extending Milwaukees lead to 3-0. Niewenhuis added a three-run homer to left in the eighth.Davies (7-4) gave up one run and three hits in 6 1/3 innings. Lackey, who has surrendered at least one home run in seven straight starts, gave up three runs and five hits in six innings.REDS 6, DIAMONDBACKS 1CINCINNATI -- Jay Bruce hit a three-run homer and barely missed another in Cincinnatis victory over fading Arizona.The last-place Reds have won three consecutive series for the first time, finding success against other struggling teams. The Diamondbacks have lost 17 of 21.Bruces 20th homer, off Robbie Ray (5-9), gave him the team lead with 69 RBI. He also doubled off the top of the wall in left field and thought he might have gotten another homer, but the call of a double was upheld after a video review.Michael Lorenzen (1-0) took over in the fourth inning for Keyvius Sampson, who made his first start of the season after seven relief appearances.ASTROS 7, ANGELS 2HOUSTON -- Evan Gattis had two home runs and four RBI in his return to the lineup, Collin McHugh threw six strong innings and Houston beat Los Angeles.Gattis sat Friday with a bruised right hand after being hit by a pitch Wednesday. He came back Saturday and hit a three-run homer into the Crawford Boxes in left field in the second inning and added a solo shot off the facade in left-center in the fourth to give Houston a 5-0 lead.Carlos Correa had a solo home run to right in the fifth.McHugh (7-6) allowed two runs on six hits with six strikeouts in six innings.Jered Weaver (8-8) was the loser. Ji-Man Choi had a solo home run to the upper deck in right in the fifth for the Angels. Jerseys NFL China Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys NFL Jerseys China Discount Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Cheap Nike Dolphins Jerseys Cheap Nike Patriots Jerseys Cheap Nike Jets Jerseys Cheap Nike Bengals Jerseys Cheap Nike Browns Jerseys Cheap Nike Steelers Jerseys Cheap Nike Texans Jerseys Cheap Nike Colts Jerseys Cheap Nike Jaguars Jerseys Cheap Nike Titans Jerseys Cheap Nike Broncos Jerseys ' ' '
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Each week, Ill write about the sport I love: college basketball:Milestone time, baby! Congratulations to Kansas coach Bill Self on his 600th career win. Cheap Yeezys Wholesale . He earned it when the Jayhawks beat UMKC last week. Rick Pitino got his 400th win as Louisvilles coach last weekend.Jayson Tatum lived up to his billing when I saw him during Dukes win over Florida. He is so smooth, handles the ball well at 6-foot-8, drives to the basket with an explosiveness. He missed the early part of the season, so the best is still to come. Duke is getting players healthy and when they have all the parts, watch out.The 2017 Jimmy V. Classic pairings were announced. Connecticut will meet Syracuse while Villanova faces Gonzaga. The Huskies recently beat the Orange at Madison Square Garden. Connecticut and Syracuse also played an epic game in 2009, a contest the Orange won in six overtimes.We have rankings that start in early November. My gut says rankings should begin when conference play starts!Everybody in the SEC is playing for second place. Kentucky is that good!Indiana State upset a ranked Butler team last week. It came on Larry Birds 60th birthday, a great present for a great Sycamore.How about a salute to UT Arlington. Last season, the Mavericks beat Memphis and Ohio State. This season, UTA has knocked off Texas and now Saint Marys. Scott Cross has done a great job coaching this team. Sun Belt foes need to take notice.Rhode Island suffered a tough loss at Houston. The Rams were shorthanded as forward and defensive star?Hassan Martin?was sidelined with a quad injury. Martin is out indefinitely.Sophomore Yankuba Sima has decided to transfer from St. Johns. He started eight of the teams first 10 games this season and averaged six points per game. Tariq Owens was given the starting assignment in the first game Sima missed. Yeezys For Sale Cheap . With Parker having a quiet game for once, Nicolas Batum and Boris Diaw provided the scoring as France won its first major basketball title by beating Lithuania 80-66 on Sunday. It was a victory that ended a decade of frustration for Parker and a talented French generation, which lost the final against Spain two years ago and took bronze in 2005. Cheap Yeezys Authentic . -- Three close looks at the bucket, three misses. . Oyama had six birdies and two bogeys at Kintetsu Kashikojima in the event also sanctioned by the Japan LPGA Tour. "I have been having this neck ache thats been affecting my golf recently," Oyama said. Leicester City suffered their first home loss in the Premier League since September 2015, 2-1 to West Bromwich Albion on Sunday.James Morrison and Matt Phillips scored second-half goals that gave West Brom (3-4-4) all three points to snap a five-game winless stretch in the league.Islam Slimani had the hosts level for a period after a 55th-minute score, but Leicester (3-3-5) couldnt prevent the Baggies from pulling ahead. The result leaves Leicester 14th in the league -- just two points above the drop zone -- while West Brom leapfrogged the Foxes into 11th.The Baggies were the better team from the off and created a majority of the chances in the opening half. Phillips slotted wide after being let in to easily, while Salomonn Rondon headed fractionally over. Real Cheap Yeezys For Sale. The hosts best chance in the opening half fell to Slimani, but the tall striker was denied by the leg of Gareth McAuley.The second half came and it didnt take long for the deadlock to be broken.A cross from the right took a deflection on its way and Morrison was on the end to flick into the corner. Leicester hit back immediately as Slimani headed home a cross from Riyad Mahrez despite offside protests. However, Daniel Drinkwaters horrific pass sent Phillips through and the summer recruit flicked the ball over Ron-Robert Zieler and across the line. Jerseys NFL China Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys NFL Jerseys China Discount Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Cheap Nike Dolphins Jerseys Cheap Nike Patriots Jerseys Cheap Nike Jets Jerseys Cheap Nike Bengals Jerseys Cheap Nike Browns Jerseys Cheap Nike Steelers Jerseys Cheap Nike Texans Jerseys Cheap Nike Colts Jerseys Cheap Nike Jaguars Jerseys Cheap Nike Titans Jerseys Cheap Nike Broncos Jerseys ' ' '
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