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With the promotion of relevant national policies and the progress of science and technology, smart home has developed rapidly and is loved by more and more families. 2018 Spring Festival is approaching, many consumers are very distressed, visit relatives and friends do not know what to buy: big fish and meat every family has, tobacco and alcohol are unhealthy, fruit snacks and cannot get the shot ... ... I hereby introduce you 5 Functional smart home-like products, I believe these distinctive "New Year" will make you get the praise of relatives and friends.


1. Smart locks

Smart locks must be the first choice of the New Year's gift, which not only allows older relatives and friends (especially parents) to get rid of forgotten key problems, but also allows them to leave home and go home each time Is this your friendship, do you double benefit?


Toot Doodle E home intelligent beeps, equipped with live fingerprint recognition technology, AES128-bit encryption technology and C-level cylinder, high security. Unlock, support for fingerprints, passwords, mechanical keys, mobile APP and other methods of unlocking, finger touch, 0.6 seconds speed unlock, so that the door open, with it, home to worry and more at ease.


2. Smart cat's eye

With smart locks, smart cat's eye is of course also essential. The traditional cat's eyes used by most families today are not only difficult to guard the family but may add additional risks. For example, there is a visual blind spot in the cat's eye and may be exploited by unscrupulous elements. The cat's eye is not strong enough to be easily unscrewed. There are tools such as "anti-cat-eye goggles" which can be used by criminals to observe and even photograph the indoor situation in the opposite direction.


Smart cat's eye can protect the home in all directions and take the beep smart cat's eye as an example. It has a 165 ° ultra-light field and is equipped with a night-vision technology so that you can clearly see everything outside and support mobile or tablet remote viewing , Or even remote video intercom. It is also equipped with a human motion detection technology, which can automatically take pictures of suspicious individuals who wander in front of the house for a long time, so as to prevent it in the first place.


3. Infrared remote control

Think about the Chinese New Year, several people together, enjoyable, you come up with a cell phone, finger touch, a moment, the TV is turned on, the lights flashing, air conditioning adjust the appropriate position ... ... is not a great sense of accomplishment.


Dudu infrared remote control to meet your sense of accomplishment, it can connect all devices within the radius of 15 meters, such as air-conditioning, TV, projection, sweeping robot, DVD, intelligent remote control, infrared code library up to millions, even if infrared Is more than a decade ago, hometown may control. In addition, it comes with a "scene mode" feature, which is a multi-control described earlier, with which you can customize your home scene at your own pace.


4. Sweeping robot

Care for the family, it should allow him to enjoy life comfortably. Parents older, a rare retirement, this is the time to enjoy life, but also spend time and effort to do meaningless housework, not worth much. Sweeping robot can help families to reduce the burden of life. Go home with the New Year, go back with a sweeping robot, give the boring clean work to it, it works carefully, do not complain, corner will clean up. Families have more time and energy to do what they love to do, want to do, life easier.


5. Smart voice manager

In 2017, intelligent voice steward products are not uncommon nowadays. Companies such as Baidu, JD mall, Lynx and Xiaomi have launched intelligent speakers. Companies such as Toot E, ROKID and Foxtail Grass also introduced robot stewards. Many products are positioned differently. If when used as a home control center, the beep smart voice manager is undoubtedly the best choice.


Doodle intelligent voice manager was spherical design, simple and lovely. "Face" is a small display that can interact with people through the expression, "neck" on the amount of two bow tie the appearance of small buttons, compared to other voice products more family members feeling. We have previously recommended a product called "Dudu infrared remote control", Dudu intelligent voice manager has all the features it has, the market of voice products, generally only supports the control of their products and partners of the products, and toot Intelligent voice manager, because of the infrared remote control function, the number of devices that can be controlled may be the market is the most, it is extremely rare. Doodle intelligent voice steward also has environmental monitoring capabilities, how the air quality at home, how the temperature and humidity, you can always informed, with a beep intelligent voice manager, the family from now on more transparent, life easier.


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